Diary of the Wildflower

I’ve been planning what will go into the ground next spring. For those who joined me here recently, 2 years ago I took a big leap of faith and sold my 5 acre farm, went on a profound inner healing journey and from that healed place decided to start over from scratch. With healthy foundations, healthy mindset. Always keeping that dream of fields of flowers alive. Last year a beautiful 10acre block found me. A new place to call home. I believe this place is a reflection of my inner world and a second chance at doing things in life, but with a healthy mindset this time. A clean slate.

With the help of wonderful friends, I’m hoping to put some fences up this spring. I’m starting with much smaller than I hoped, around 30m*25m growing area, but I’m hoping to extend much further over time. A new studio, a larger bell tent, an outdoor bath… And flowers. Lots of flowers. I’m planning on growing everything and anything. Definitely a big patch of peony roses. I do want to focus on what dries well for my floral crowns, too.


I love using the garden metaphor. We are the gardeners of our lives. We get to decide what seeds to sow in our inner gardens. Our dreams are like the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow. But it’s not as easy as just throwing a seed into the ground. You need to nurture the seed, give it the right environment, water it, pull the weeds out that are stunting its growth. So it can come into full bloom. We are too like those seeds. With the right environment and plenty of nurture and weeding the things that don’t serve us, we can too come into full blossom.

I’m excited for this journey. Transforming 10 acres of glorious land into my Heaven on Earth. My sanctuary. A place built with love. One flower at a time ♥️🙏

And like a Wildflower, I want to be wild and free. Walking bare feet and feeling connected with Mother Earth. Sitting under canopy of stars. Swimming naked in the ocean. Listening to my guides and spirit animals. Walking with Spirit. Listening to the wisdom of my soul… And free. Free from pain & trauma, free from false perceptions & expectations of others. Free from my own self limiting beliefs.

Free to express my unique beauty.

Growing bravely wild and free in a world plagued by conformity. These are the perks of being a Wildflower 🌸

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