When worlds collide...

Hi, I'm Marta. I'm the owner, soap maker, kid wrangler behind the salt of the Urth (formerly known as life@43°south). Very much a green witch, you can often find me bare feet in the garden, in the paddocks collecting dandelions or nettles or back on the farm making potions.

I'm an empath, an energy healer, a spirit medium and lightworker. A woman who runs with the wolves. I was born with a lot of spiritual gifts, but have rejected them after some traumatic events in my childhood. I was too afraid of my own powers, of things I could do, hear, see and feel. I was always aware of my gifts, but never wanted to fully tap into them. Until around the age of 40 when I have gone through a pretty profound and painful experience that has resulted in the dark night of the soul and a rebirth. Healing at a quantum level of childhood and ancestral trauma and strengthening of my spiritual gifts followed. My own personal spiritual experience has taken me on the journey of reclaiming, healing and awakening of my divine feminine within me and honouring my femininity and weaving the magic of sacred rituals into my life. Having previously rejected I now fully embrace my spiritual gifts and my ability to connect to higher realms. My own spiritual journey has brought the recollection of having walked this Earth many many times before and practicing different modalities of healing. "Healer magician" is what I heard on one of my journeying into other realms experiences.
I work with energy. I'm into occult and astrology. I follow moon cycles and I'm into moon magic and practice a lot of rituals. I also love candle magic. I work with crystals. I’m very intuitive and have clairvoyant abilities. I read tarot and oracle cards. I'm into shamanism. I practice a lot of journeying into other, higher realms.
I am also a qualified Reiki practitioner and offer reiki/ quantum healing/ spiritual life coaching.

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner, but what I offer is a holistic approach. It's a unique form of quantum healing I've been guided to follow where I can use all of my spiritual gifts and where I'm not limited to Reiki only. I go as deep as astral plains and channel the "universal energy" in different dimensions. What I offer is healing done by shifting energy at a quantum (energetic) level. One common way for me is through an in-person session in which I connect with client's so-called Higher Self, subconscious, past lives, and more. It can also be done via distance means.
I am an intuitive practitioner. During the healing sessions I travel to other realms and connect with my client’s higher self. I get visions, sensations in my body, different emotions, direct or indirect messages from the other realms, spirit. I channel the pure universal energy to wherever I can sense pain and / or trauma and gently shift the energy at a quantum ( subatomic) level which then facilitates the healing of mind, body & spirit.  

Over the next few weeks, months I’m hoping to write about my journey and how I healed my ancestral, childhood trauma by healing at a quantum level. I did not have a coach, a guru or a shrink... Instead I let my pain and my intuition guide me. After all, I had all the tools I needed already. I was meant to go through it by myself. I was meant to feel the pain and use the knowledge to heal I had from my previous lives. On my journey I had a lot of “remembering” of my past lives and all the different modalities of healing I have practiced.
Going through the dark night of the soul is an extremely painful experience. It's a collapse of all outdated and no longer serving our higher good old believes and structures. It's all the conditioning, all the ancestral and childhood wounding. It's the lies we've been told, but mostly the lies we told ourselves. The self destructive, sabotaging thoughts and words. It’s literally reliving the trauma in order to finally heal. When traumatic experience occurs fragments of the soul escape to where they feel safe, where there is no pain. In order to heal we need to collect the broken pieces and make it whole again. We can’t change the past, but we can shift the energy of ancestral and/ or childhood wounding thus facilitating the healing process in the now.
A lot of us don’t realise how much pain we carry subconsciously. I was one of those people. I thought I was fine. I was pretty woke/ conscious. Pretty successful. I trained handball in Europe professionally for over a decade, I represented my country a few times, have appeared on tv and my name has been mentioned in sports section of national newspaper a few times. I financed my trip to Australia as well as my education over here and in 2006 graduated from University of New South Wales with Masters in Applied Linguistics. I was married with 3 beautiful children, a farm in wonderful Tasmania and a growing business. Until a destined connection came into my life and changed me forever... The dark night of the soul has followed. It took me a moment realising what was actually happening. The early days were painful and confusing, but once I knew I was rebirthing I embraced it and let it happen. There was so much of trauma that came up, so many layers. From deep-rooted grief, fear, shame, guilt, self worth to fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, sexual trauma, not feeling worthy of happiness, joy and abundance.
At the beginning I have used a couple of guided meditations available on line, but it wasn’t long until my intuition, my inner voice took over. Every day I’d heal and awaken more and more of my gifts. Travelling to other dimensions to peel more and more layers off became a magical journey I looked forward to every day. Some days I feel like I exist between (two) worlds.
I know I was meant to go through this. To use my journey to help others heal. It’s really all about loving unconditionally. Loving oneself first. Reaching our highest potential. Replacing fear, shame, guilt with love.
It’s all about living a heart centred life and there is no room for anger, resentment, hatred. If you want love, abundance and joy in your life you need to be on the same frequency and unfortunately a lot of pain and low vibrational emotions are stored in our subconscious and block us from reaching our true potential. If you want to change your reality you need to look at the energy of your subconscious and move any stagnant energy. One of my gifts seems to be effortlessly travelling between different realms ( upper, lower & middle worlds) and connecting with others’ Higher Self where I can help with that.

And as cheesy as it sounds, it all starts with pure unconditional love. Feelings of joy, happiness, freedom all come from heart space which is love. You can heal yourself and I’m hoping that the next series of stories will guide you how, but some of us do need that extra help of a spiritual leader. Are you ready to go on a journey with me?


From my heart to yours. Marta ✨


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