Do you sometimes get those days when emotions are running high and you just need a hug?? I was going through my post Reiki II attunement period and I was still getting used to all the light codes and energetic downloads I was now receiving due to my crown chakra activation. It's been a long journey of healing and I have gone as deep as DNA/ quantum level. Literally rewiring my body, my DNA strands and cells to hold more light. And now the second part, the ascension and working with all the light codes and integrating them required a lot of energy. I've done a lot of healing of old ancestral and childhood trauma, but the moment I took that breath when journeying to heal the trauma surrounding my brother's death ( read "Deep freeze" ) I knew I was ready for next part of my homecoming journey. I went through my dark night of the soul and rebirth and I knew I was being given a second shot at life, second chance at owning my abilities. I was't going to give up that easily. That's when I committed to my ascension journey. With that breath. But the other day I felt tired. Was it me and my energy bit low because of just becoming a life saver the day before by donating blood, was it the time of the month and my hormones doing their thing, was it the powerful emotional Full Moon in Scorpio bringing something up to the surface or was it the collective?? Whatever it was I was in my feels. I needed more than a hug. I needed a place to feel safe. I needed to feel held. And yes, I do get those emotional days, but I deal with them straightaway. I let them come up to the surface, heal what needs to be healed and release. So, in the middle of the day, I put my phone on silent, gathered a bunch of rose petals and white sage, lit some candles and incense, and ran a hot bath with an extra handful of my favourite essential oil blend Himalayan salts. Then immersed myself in the water, closed my eyes and disconnected from the world. A couple of big heavy tears flowing down my cheeks and the release. I felt weary, I was tired, I was "battle" tired, but I knew the journey wasn’t over yet... A gentle sound healing "Lemurian Home Coming" by Anders Holte started playing in the distance. I've been drawn to Lemuria for quite a while now, I have done Lemurian light codes activation and after channeling what I believe was Mt. Shasta during my Reiki II seminar I had a knowing that I had a connection with these amazing beings and I was being called home. As soon as I heard the first notes, I effortlessly found myself in another realm and felt surrounded by an army of light beings. Their presence was so majestic and divine. They wore purple and light purple crystalline robes. They gathered around me and welcomed me and pointed to a raised platform where I was invited to rest my weary body on. At that moment a crow started crying just outside my bathroom window. For me crow is a heavy energy. It always means either dark energies, entities around me or one particular person. And to be honest with you I’m really tired of it. We all raised our hands and channeled pure divine light the crow's way and told it to "F%&K OFF"! It left immediately! We continued to the stage where I lied down. There was a circle of most beautiful crimson roses around it and the light was peach soft. What followed was the most beautiful, divine, angelic healing I have ever received. I felt the loving energy caressing my body, my hair. I was there on that stage all open, surrendered to the Divine, raw and vulnerable and then I felt a huge wave of release. Big tears rolling down now. My cup literally runneth over. I was in awe of the divine love I felt in that moment. At that stage I couldn’t move. I was one with the scents in the bathroom, one with the water, one with the candle light. One with the Source. And then the crow came back... Its energy was very heavy. Not being able to move, my Lemurian family gathered around me creating a protective circle, dome around my body then raised their arms up towards the crow and sent a beam of energy towards the bird. It left immediately again and did not come back that day... I felt safe, but I didn’t feel like I was home just yet. I felt like one of them, but I knew my journey wasn’t over yet and I had more travelling to do. I believe they were preparing me for the crucial part of my home coming journey. My dreams have always been very profound and a few days later I had a dream I never had before. I can't tell you I was visited by ETs or saw a spaceship, but that dream felt cosmic. I only write about my very own & my true experiences here. That night I was visited by light beings whose presence felt out of this world. I saw a tunnel of white and blue crystalline light and slim, tall beings beckoning me to come with them. Could it be my Pleiades family calling me home? The downloads and light codes are coming in strong and fast now. I know I will receive my answers soon. All I need is to ask and be open to receiving ... 

So, when I do healing for you, I ask spirit and my guides to help me hear, help me see for Your highest good. I’ve done healing sessions in many different dimensions and realms. A healing in an ocean surrounded by a circle of dolphins. We both were standing there in the water while I had my hands on my client’s heart chakra. I held an unborn child in a loving light that gave that lady a closure. She never got to hold her baby... I’ve lit candles, fires and whispered “You’re loved, you're safe, you're always protected” to light the way for you and give you courage while you’re on your journey of finding those lost pieces of self. I’ve nurtured and stitched up wounds. I held an actual heart and had my hands inside your body to clear and send healing light to your energetic core. I simply held you safe in my arms in the divine light that flows through me. I held a relative in my light on a day they were saying good bye to their loved one. I was guided to hold mirrors up everywhere one person looked for them to see their own reflection... I sat with someone at a place from their dream. I passed a beautiful shell and placed on their ears while whispering “Listen, just listen” to help them open to receiving messages from Spirit. I covered somebody’s inner child’s ears and held them safe while their father was abusing their mother. I can’t change the past and my intentions are not to make decisions for you. Everything is energy and we hold an energetic imprint of traumatic events in our energetic body, in our DNA and by journeying for you and shifting the energy in other realms I am able to help you on your healing journey in the NOW. I never know where I’ll be guided to go or what to do. Each session is different. 

I’m very grateful for those who bare naked, stand vulnerable before me letting me see into their souls. The darkness and the light. I’m truly honoured.

When you open yourself to receiving the signs and messages, the dialogue will soon follow. You will find your inner compass. And the dialogue will become clearer and clearer. The presence of your guides and spirit animals will get stronger and stronger. That's walking in light. That’s called awakening to Spirit. Come, walk in light with me.


From my heart to yours. Marta ✨

(Read about the day that changed my life forever here )


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