The Princess & The Frog


This post was originally published on my Wordpress on the 4th of February, 2023.

This one took an interesting turn on me. It’s not a photo I imagined originally…

I made an offer on our block of land 6 months ago on a New Moon in Leo. We are now in the energy of Full Moon in Leo. I talked many times about how you can harness the energy of the Moon in order to manifest. The place where our new block is literally translates to “Goddess of the valley”. Before my offer was accepted I invoked the spirit of Gaia and asked her to guide me. I craved a photo in a big green gown for a while. It all made sense. All the green, manifesting a new place on Earth to call home so I wanted to dedicate this shoot to Gaia (hence the green tutu and the leafy top), but I started seeing frogs everywhere. Shops, paintings, videos, a visitor in my garden. Frogs are very powerful omens and an amazing Spirit animal. They are masters in water (emotions), but also on land. Shamans use Frog medicine in healing rituals to wash away sickness out of our souls. So I went with where the energy was guiding me yesterday and, since doing a photo with a real froggy proved a bit difficult 😉, we used a little clay frog figurine. 

We camped on the block for the first time last night. Just before we decided to go to sleep we had a little visitor. I posted a short video in my Instagram stories. So magical. So synchronistic. 💫 A little froggy. Moral of the story? Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a real prince. 💚🐸

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