The Anchor

There are wounds greater than this lifetime. But layer by layer you can uravel to reveal the pearl. Your true essence.

I've been working on strengthening my abilities to access my Akashic records. The Akashic records are an energetic library, a quantum field of all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just human. Akashic records are a compilation of all karmic cycles, lessons, traumas. We can carry the energy of an unhealed trauma to another lifetime, we can pass it onto our children. The ability to access our Akashic records enables us "going back" in order to heal. I've always had an unexplained fear of the ocean. I'm a great swimmer, but the sheer power of the ocean felt overwhelming especially when it came to my children making me uneasy whenever they were near water. I've done many journeyings into other dimensions in order to access my Akash. It revealed a connection to the water. In my other lives I was a fisherman's daughter, fisherman's wife, I got a snippet of my Viking connection and in my Lemurian experience I'd use my wisdom and my intuition to guide men to where to cast their nets for them then to bring the catch to me to bless. I had a vision of an underwater world. 

While looking for a new place to call home, we came across a gorgeous beach house near by. All the signs were pointing towards it. It even carried my lucky number! By that stage my heart was absolutely aching to be by the water and there was nothing I wanted more. I wanted it for myself, but I also wanted to give it to my kids. They were so excited about the prospect of living by the beach. I’d give them the stars and the moon if I could for all they've been through... We had a look at the house and we absolutely loved it! After the inspection, we went to the beach, sent a wish to the Universe and let it go. I was so close to living my dream. The beach house. And I had no issues with feelings of worthiness, but there was a heaviness on my heart.

The next day or two I decided to meditate to help manifest the house without realising I was manifesting so much more than a house. I saw myself walk up the dirt road. Then touched the stone figurines at the gate gently and introduced myself to the house. I wanted her to know, she's safe with us. We come with love. I asked for permission to hold us safe, to be our home for the next little while. The door was open. I walked in and walked through every room of the house gently touching the walls, cupboards, etc. Then I walked out onto the deck, looked towards the ocean and asked the spirits of the area for permission to move in until I find my FEET again...

In one of my past life regression sessions I saw myself run from an unhealthy partnership. It looked like around the times of Henry VIII. I finally gathered my strength to walk away, took my children and got on a ship. Unfortunately, the ship got caught in a huge storm. My children didn't not survive... That past life regression helped me realise why the subconscious fear of walking away deeply embedded in my psyche. That something bad is going to happen if I chose “me”,  but I never looked at it as the reason for my fear of the ocean until recently. When we were walking to the car after inspecting the beach house, full of hopes and dreams, deep down I felt anxious. Anxious about my babies being so close to the ocean every day and keeping them safe from drowning. I was absolutely conscious of that fear and I knew it would't help with manifesting the beach house. And so we didn't get it, but I knew everything happened for a reason. I knew I wasn't quite ready for that house energetically and that something even more magical would come my way when the time was right. I processed the disappointment, wrote "Freefalling" and for now I wanted to get to the bottom of that fear. 

By that stage we were already after the move and at our current place which is a magical story of itself. A safe landing I manifested that I wrote about in "Freefalling". We didn’t get the beach house, but the Spirits of the area welcomed us in. I returned to the beach house area many times and even did a New Moon sunrise ritual with my crystal singing bowls on the beach. "To be fearless and to be truly free in expressing myself, my true essence" was my quiet intention.

"Spirit remove what no longer serves me. Emotional issues, wounds, trauma and patterning that keep me from moving forward into my beauty and power.

My innate ability to create compassionate light everywhere I go.

I AM the power of all my incarnations.
This is my time."

I journeyed again. This time I was actually inspired to follow a guided meditation to clear all remaining ascension obstacles. I was just about to stop, because I wasn't sure if it resonated and then there it was. I sobbed. I was in awe. The man mentioned anchor and chains and it took me straightaway to the ship that sank in my previous incarnation. The fear of the ocean! What's holding me back. The guilt of that sinking. The pain, trauma of that sinking. The energy of all those that perished that day. The energy still stuck in my quantum energetic field. Big heavy anchors everywhere. I was aware of that trauma, but never actually released the energy of it. I found myself under the water. Swimming effortlessly and breaking the chains. Releasing the old energy. I used my hands, but it was hard so I started using the power of my intention to blow them up. I was under the water for a while and realised I'd be running out of breath soon. I felt a tickle in my throat and coughed then focused on a sphere of pure crystalline light in my chest and I was able to breathe again! At that stage I repeated after the man "I AM MAGNIFICENT" and more and more chains started exploding with the energy of my voice. "I AM MAGNIFICENT' I repeated yet again and more shackles broke into pieces. The release was so powerful. I had tears rolling down my cheeks from the sheer magnitude of what I was experiencing. And then finally with owning all my power, I repeated and felt the resonance in every cell of my body:


With the final sentence the whole shipwreck exploded with the most powerful waves of energy of my heart. It was gone...

Something started stirring in my soul after that journeying. The ocean was calling me loud and clear now. My mermaid tail arrived the other day. We didn't get the beach house not only because of my deep fear of the ocean and past life trauma surrounding it, but also because Spirit didn't want me to find my FEET. Spirit wanted me to find my Mermaid's tail again. When I wrote "Don"t Fail me now" my Mermaid's tail wasn't just a metaphor it was a glimpse into my past life.

" If something serves as a reminder of a Mermaid's past they will likely inhabit the area " ~  Unknown

After the shipwreck meditation I had a glimpse into my life as a Mermaid. I gave up my tail for human love. He wasn’t ready to dive deep into the dark, unknown waters with me so I gave up on a part of me, my tail to be with the love of my life. But he couldn't love me the way I deserved to be loved ... I wanted to go back to the ocean. I took my children, but didn't realise they couldn't breathe under the water. They all perished. That wound of losing my children so deep. Lifetimes deep... 

I know that, as much as I'd love to, I can't be swimming around in the ocean all day, but I can embody the Mermaid Archetype. That part of me that was lying dormant for incarnations. Energy is first then it manifests in reality. You've got to feel it in every cell of your body. You have to be ITThere are times in our lives where it’s ok to dance to a different, magical tune. Reconnecting with my inner Mermaid and individuality and non-conformity are definitely her traits. This is not a woman that can be tamed. The Mermaid Archetype woman has intense psychic abilities, she's intuitive, she sees spirits, angels and other fantasy creatures easily. She works with energy. She is the Goddess of the Sea. She is the Sacred Feminine. She is the Divine Feminine rising. When Mermaid swims with you, she bings you into the realm of Waters, which also speaks of our emotions. She will challenge you to dig deep inside yourself to understand your fears and scars fully. Only by doing so you can heal fully.

I know that tail isn't a real part of my body, but it is real energetically to me and it is part of who I truly am and my connection to the ocean. It also brings closure and a new beginning. I know that by earning it back I have completed a major karmic cycle. Feet or fins, I am enough. Never again I will lose a part of who I am in the name of love or pleasing others. To be accepted, loved. I know my worth. I know who I am. I AM the power of all my incarnations! 

From my heart to yours. Marta ✨

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