Take me to the ocean

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on the 21st of January 2023

I’m not a trained photographer, and?? Working with my camera, the light, settings brings me so much joy. I’ve met with some opinions about my photos ( negative self talk included). That my photos are either too much of ME or “too… styled??

My photos are my passion. My photos tell a story. MY story. They are my way of capturing the energies I’m feeling, energy I’m in. It’s a whole process. Very often it starts with a vision. Then I work with energy I’m feeling. It’s a very intuitive process for me. I might make a tutu, or wings or a flower crown. Then words come. I can get lost in the creative process. Putting together an image is like meditation for me. Time literally stops.

For a while now I had a vision of walking into the water in a big gown. Way before I made my first tutu. For a couple of days now I knew it’s time to take that photo. I woke up yesterday, but couldn’t decide on the spot where to take my shot. I had 2 in mind. I have a few days to myself while kids are away and can fully get lost in my world. I decided to do both. I knew there was a reason for it. On my way to the second location I knew. Water is emotions. From gloomy, dark, murky waters in the forest to clear, salty waters of an open ocean. Pure water vibrationally is the closest to Source energy. As I walked into the water a wave of emotions washed over me. I felt so alive. Clear. 

Now I fully understand my vision of walking into the water. A while back I stepped into some dark waters. Dealt with some unpleasant emotions. And just like with the two bridges the other day, those 2 different bodies of water described my journey perfectly. As a commitment to my healing journey a while back I gifted myself with a ring with lotus flower engraved on it. A symbol of rebirth. Emerging from murky water with clean petals, the lotus is thought of as a symbol of purity & transcendence as well as spiritual purification & liberation. Stepping into the ocean felt baptismal. Walking out I felt victorious. Light & free. 

I say do whatever makes you happy. And when you’re met with criticism know that people are coming from their own pain & insecurities. DON’T LET ANYONE DULL YOUR SHINE. 💫

From my heart to yours. Marta x

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