The story of a black Ninja warrior.

I have just finished a beautiful meditation. It was Sunday morning and the house was still quiet. I was in my Zen place, a spiritual high. I heard the back door open. Kids' dad arrived as he promised to take the boys fishing. He's been struggling with chronic bronchitis for a while now. Even as a child he suffered from chest problems and has been on a puffer for a while. When he told me he was sick again and on antibiotics I thought it was time we looked into why there's dampness in his chest. We have spoken about a healing session, but I've never really gotten around to doing it. But it was just getting too much for his body and me being me, I decided it was time to see what the cause of his bronchitis was. I believe energy blockages in our mental body manifest in the form of physical illness. Lungs and lung related problems can usually mean depression, grief, fear of taking in life. Having said that I'm an intuitive practitioner and I have noticed in my practice that it's not always that straightforward. Sometimes the ailment is not necessarily where the blockage is. And that's where my journeying helps me see where you are on your individual journey and where you might've lost pieces of your soul. I then use my intuition and higher knowing, help of my guides to heal the ailments the metaphysical way. 

I asked kids’ father’s Higher Self to be present and asked for permission to give healing to his chest. I asked my guides to help me see what was the cause of this dampness in his chest. To help me see, help me hear for his higher good then focused on directing the universal energy to his chest and to send warmth to all those damp areas. Almost immediately I was taken to a dark space. A cave. After a while, out of nowhere, with a jump kick a black Ninja warrior appeared in front of me. His arms crossed over his chest. Over his heart chakra. Ready to defend himself. I realised I was also a Ninja warrior. We stood there for a little while facing each other. He then bowed to me and went down to one knee and placed his sword in front of my feet. He stood there in front of me unarmed, vulnerable. Placing his sword, his trust in my hands. I picked up the sword and in that moment I got the knowing I just got a glimpse of his past life and of what happened next...

I heard him cough in the kitchen and my vision faded. With my minds eye I travelled to the kitchen. He was over the sink cleaning the coffee machine. His back hunched. Like his dad's. Couldn't help but wonder, if it had anything to do with ancestral wounding. Then I heard a voice in my head saying " backstabbed, stabbed in the back". Is that what it is?? The dampness in his lungs. Has he, his dad been stabbed in the back? Is it an ancestral wound deeply imprinted in their DNA? Have they experienced backstabbing, trickery in their life? Have their hearts been broken by swords cutting deep into their backs?? Has somebody broken their trust? Is that what it is? How do you trust again? How do you let people into your life again? How many second chances are too many? I asked my guides to help him heal. I figured out the dampness causing his bronchitis is in his back. In my mind's eye, I focused on sending energy to that part of his back. I placed one hand on his shoulder and with my right hand I started gently rubbing his upper back. As far as energy work, any issues in lower back relate to lack of financial support. Middle back is usually guilt, being stuck in the past, "get off my back". Upper back relates to lack of emotional support, holding back love. I focused on the "energetic", "metaphysical" stabbing wounds and also on sending healing light and warmth to his lungs. 

My vision of the two warriors, male and female, returned. We were standing there facing each other again. I was holding the sword he gave me. No, I was not going to backstab him. I kneeled, placed his sword in front of his feet, bowed and stood up. By placing the sword back I was able to gently in metaphysical way shift the energy of the past event which hopefully will bring healing in the now. I have focused on sending an intention that I won't use his sword against him. We were equal. Sword in tarot means communication. We both had our swords and skill to use them wisely. I asked him to trust again and placed a promise in front of his feet that I won't backstab him. There is no need for that. He can trust me. I am not his past. He is safe. His heart is safe. He can trust again. Then I have filled the cave with pure healing light. I know it's only been one session, but he didn't cough that day and his chest has been really clear all week. 

How do we trust again? On my healing journey I realised I did it by guarding my heart by building walls around it. Unfortunately, by doing so I cut myself off from experiencing some amazing things in my life. But I believe in good in people and want to believe people can change. People can heal. Our minds, bodies and souls can heal. And I want to trust and go into the world with my heart space wide open. How do we bare "naked" and stand vulnerable in front of another? Heart space wide open and trust we don't get stabbed in the back again, we don't get our hearts broken again. How do we do that? I realised on my healing journey it starts with me. Within. I need to have trust in me. In the decisions I make. Trust I will listen to my intuition and my inner knowing. Trust I'll be able to speak my needs, wants, desires. Trust I will be able to stand up for myself. Trust I will honour my heart, body, mind. Trust I have the tools to maintain healthy boundaries and trust I will be able to walk away when my needs are not met. Trust that by saying "yes" to people I don't say "no" to myself. Trust that never again loving another will make me love myself less...

When healing ancestral wounds we carry energetic imprint of different lifetimes, different incarnations and an energetic imprint of traumatic events, patterns is stored in our DNA. In our cells’ memory. My lesson in this lifetime was to learn how to trust again. For you it might be how to regain somebody's trust. It might be a lesson of trust that we will know when to honour others' journey and to not try control an outcome. They might not have the tools to trust yet. Trust we will be able to walk away and give them space so they can heal. But it all essentially starts within each and every one of us first. The journey starts with "you" and pulling down all the walls and barriers that are holding you back from opening your heart fully.

Let’s break the generational trauma patterns together. Are you ready to go on a journey with me? 


From my heart to yours. With love & light. Marta ✨


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