Life is a Sirius Mystery...

I begin today by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we gather/meet today and pay my respects to their Elders past and present. I extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples here today.

I've been meaning to write for a while, but Spirit asked me to stay still and quiet. When I do energetic work I like for the energies to settle a little before I share my experiences with the world and there's been a lot to integrate. The last six months have been an extremely intimate time. Just me and Spirit. Diving deep, connecting with the Unseen world. The dialogue loud and clear. My life literally has become a living oracle. Spirits presence almost tangible. Feeling held like never before. Once you wake up and free yourself from the Matrix you open up to the world of amazing possibilities. Finding your own truth, walking in your own light, reclaiming your own personal power, seeing your own Divinity. Seeing the connection between our inner and outer worlds. You open yourself up to being a part of something so much bigger than you. We are after all a direct lineage of the Source Energy. Expression of the Divine. The Creator.

It's been just over six months since I walked away from everything and anything that was holding me back. False sense of security, false sense of power. The last six months have been an incredible journey of finding my core truth. After letting go of everything and anything that was not authentically me, I have from that healed place of innocence and purity been learning who I truly am. My wants. My desires. My truth. No ancestral & childhood wounding, no societal expectations or programming. Just ME and MY authentic truth. The last six months have been all about reclaiming of my personal power. Personal power is not an ego thing. It's confidence thing. It's self worth thing. It's FREEDOM thing. Freedom from perceptions and expectations of others. Freedom from pain and trauma, freedom from self sabotaging beliefs. It's YOU and your pure essence before the narratives of the world screwed you up...

I have done many journeyings, invocations and activations over the last few months. A perfect mix of alchemy and mysticism. If you've been reading my posts you'd know that I very much follow and work with the moon energies. New Moons are great for new beginnings, setting new intentions and Full Moons are great for releasing what no longer serves us. The New Moon affirmations manifesting in our lives around Full Moon. But I think a lot of us get frustrated and impatient because things are not manifesting fast enough. The thing is for big manifestations, profound changes you need to give the Universe time to shift the energies. I like to "follow" the New Moon/ Full Moon in the same star sign rule, but even that can be affected by other planetary transits and alignments. You will notice small changes taking you towards your manifestation, Spirit sending you signs, bread crumbs very quickly, but for the big shift you need to wait for the moon to return to the same sign it was in when you set your intentions during New Moon which is about 6 months. Back in December during the New Moon in Sagittarius I have travelled to my local beach and did a sunrise ritual with my crystal singing bowls. I used heart and solar plexus chakras singing bowls. I set an intention: I AM THE POWER OF ALL MY INCARNATIONS. My intention was not an EGO thing. My intention was about reclaiming my own personal power, reclaiming my voice, my light, my self worth, my soul's wisdom, my core truth. My sovereignty. My Divinity. My right to be free to unapologetically and fearlessly express my true self. And it's not only about actions or the doing, but also expressing oneself with your own true and authentic mindset, thoughts and beliefs, things you stand for in life, things that make you happy. I have recorded that session and it's available for free on my YouTube channel here. In my wildest dreams I didn't expect what was about to unfold for me. You see, when you manifest it's the feeling you want to manifest, the energetic imprint. Don't limit yourself to one specific thing, one specific opportunity, and never one specific person! Do not cast spells for the ex to love you. Respect people's free will and also understand that what's meant for you will not pass you by. And if your ex won't return trust there's someone much better out there for you. Rejection is God's protection.

My purpose this journey was to reclaim my personal power. Power that's been taken from me in this and other incarnations whether it be by shame, force, rape, violence, prosecution, death, as well as power I gave away myself. The moment I believed that the world didn't want me so I made myself needed. The last few months has been returning to the place of purity and innocence. Before all the conditioning, trauma. I went within and allowed time for pure creativity and play. I've connected with my Inner Child and opened the channel for the Divine to pour through me. Inner child is not the child you once were. Inner child is a state of being. Yes, to get there you do have to heal trauma and that includes childhood, but also ancestral trauma. Inner child is a state of being, state of purity before the trauma, the conditioning, before you got sucked into the Matrix. You have to lose, unlearn everything you're not in order to find who you really are. And it's a solo journey. It's between you and Spirit. And your new identity might feel a little strange at first, but you have what it takes and your soul wants this. One by one over the next few months I started reclaiming all the lost and rejected pieces of myself. My connection to Gods. Particularly strong presence of Sun God Ra. I know from my previous journeyings that I come from the Ra/ Isis lineage. I remember one day in February driving to do my morning sunrise ritual cold water swim when Empire of the Sun song came on. I knew it. I've already been studying Greek and Roman mythology for a while, my new "Eye of Ra" ring arrived just a day before. The energy was out of this world. Ra and more Gods and Goddess made themselves present. Ra, Isis, Thoth, Horus, Hades, Persephone, Daphne, Mafdet, Hathor, Bastet, Aurora, Sekhmet, Morrigan, Hekate, Selene, Brigid, Agni, Lilith... I spent as much time as needed wth each and every one of them. Invoking their presence, asking for their blessings, their wisdom, embodying and integrating their essence. You wonder how I did that? I don't follow any rules. I don't follow anyone's steps. I am my own alchemist, my own magician. I go within. I surrender to the energy and let my intuition guide me. I receive a range of messages that guide me towards particular deity: (number) synchronicities, feathers, songs, books, people, crystals, dreams, symbolism, spirit animals. The list could go on and on. You have to be open to receive the information, the light codes. You have to BELIEVE. Keep an open heart, keep and open mind so you recognise the gift, the dialogue when it comes. And the more truly rooted in Source Energy, in Divine light you are the louder the dialogue gets. One of the ways for me to connect with the Goddesses was via crowns. For a few months an urge to own a flower crown was growing on me and the first flower crown I made was for the Full Moon in Gemini ritual and a sleep over in my newly acquired bell tent ( that I have now set up as my healing space) at my friend's Lavender Farm back in December. And then the urge to make crowns grew even stronger on me. I'd make crowns to honour each Goddess coming through. To represent their essence and what they represented for me. The part of me that was abandoned, compromised now ready to be reclaimed. Hekate, the Goddess of the underworld, witchcraft and magic, is very often associated with snakes. Snakes can represent rebirth, but for me personally they also represented toxic and unhealthy patterns. Hekate's crown was adorned in golden snakes. Each snake representing part of me that I've healed, reclaimed and now wear as a crown to remind me of how far I've come. My Inner Child represented by a white stag, my spirit animal, crown adorned with beautiful handmade pastel satin flowers. Representing joy, purity, innocence and freedom to me. Goddess of the Moon Selene's flower crown was made of a homegrown cornflower halo and a triple moon Goddess symbol. Cornflowers enhancing intuition and used in divination. I wore Selene's crown on a beautiful Full Moon in Libra, a 6 month book end of the New Moon in Libra when we officially sold the farm. I held a beautiful Full Moon ritual with candlelight, incense and healing sounds in my bell tent. I also finished off the triple moon Goddess canvas I had drafted during one of my New Moon rituals back in 2021 as a promise of my commitment to my healing journey. With Irish Pagan Goddess Brigid, protectress of the household from fire and calamity, I was guided to weave her cross from reeds I collected around our place. I lit a beautiful wish candle and meditated on the cross while making it to invoke her presence and protection. Only about 5 minutes into the ritual we found 2 runaway cows in our paddock. Brigid being the patroness of farm work and cattle and who's offerings amongst others is milk it was enough of a confirmation for me she accepted my prayers. Incredible powerful invocation took place During New Moon in Aries while invoking the God of eternal fire, Agni. I lit a wish candle and chanted a prayer and sat with the flame. About 6-7 minutes after the candle went out as I was just about to finish up my meditation I noticed a little flame on the last bit of a wick. The flame came back on and grew suddenly. Then two flames joined into one large one and then it went out with a big puff of white smoke. A sign of strong Spirit's presence. I have body tingles as I write this! Two weeks later by the Full Moon I was invited with my energy work and my healing tent to participate in a 3 day long Mid Winter Fire Festival! Of course, I accepted the invitation. It happens to be just before the Lion's Gate Opening. The veil to the Unseen world getting thinner and thinner. I can't wait to work with all the fire Gods and Goddess. I truly feel like I'm coming home where I belong. To help empower others. To help awaken that fire within them. To shine the light on what's toxic and to bring light so the healing can take place.

I also channeled three Goddesses around the time of the conflict breaking out in Ukraine. First, Berehynia the protectoress of women and children, Goddess of hearth standing as a statue in the middle of Kyiv and Aurora Goddess of the Dawn, the new day. Bringer of Light. The third Goddess was a powerful Goddess Bhramari who helped defeat a powerful demon. Her three eyes shone like the sun, the moon, and the eternal fire Agni. I invoked her presence during the ritual to bring peace, love and protection to those affected by conflict in Ukraine. That ritual was recorded and is available to watch for free on YouTube. The two crowns of Berehynia and Aurora I felt guided to auction off to help raise funds for those in need in Ukraine.

Apart from the standard symbolism, to me all those crowns and headdresses represented karmic lessons, the wisdom I've gained. Parts of me, the essence that got compromised and now were being reclaimed. With each crown and headdress I was becoming more and more powerful and more and more rooted in my truth and who I truly am.

I'm a Leo star sign. Leo's are a fire sign and their ruling planet is the Sun. They are also ruled by Solar plexus. Our centre of our personal power. It was all making more and more sense now. I've done some beautiful invocations. Some of them were recorded for the collective and are on YouTube or TikTok, but some were my personal invocations and I've only journaled my experiences in my personal journal. I have been journaling in for over 2 years now and have just started my seventh journal, which aligned with Lilith invocation. So far each journal magically aligned with a chapter, a lesson I was integrating. The number, colour synchronicities were just uncanny. Black journal for my dark night of the soul; purple for crown chakra opening; blue journal when I was going through my throat chakra opening; 6th light green journal aligning with Venusian themes and working out my desires, what makes me happy and safe in this world; red sacral chakra and my creative expression; green for Heart Chakra, etc. Lilith's sacred number is 7, too! Coincidence? No! Lilith is an epitome of female power and strength. She's a Goddess of mystery and transformation. Feminine force of command and strength. A Dark Goddess. I have a very profound Lilith placement in my birth chart and always knew it was significant. Lilith sits conjunct with my ascendant. Which screams self empowerment to me. Interestingly my new journal is yellow. The colour of solar plexus chakra, the centre of our personal power. I've been surrounded by yellow and gold recently. Two of my least favourite colours all my life. Now, I crave them. And red. I even changed my hair colour! As part of the Solar plexus healing ritual I also created a new massage candle called ROAR promoting strength & courage. Infused with a beneficial essential oil blend and coupled with citrine crystal supporting solar plexus. Both the crystal and the candle charged with intention to bring strength and courage and help with reclaiming of one's personal power.

Just like with the Mermaid or She-wolf archetype, Lilith is a female that does not like to be controlled. Who makes her own rules and walks to the beat of her own drum. Conformity is definitely NOT one of her traits. I researched a lot my placements in my birth chart, especially Chiron and Lilith. They are complicated placements. Usually means a lot of childhood trauma, but ancestral trauma being the main issue. And that was absolutely true with me. A lot of stuff affecting me was "previous lives" stuff. Healing wasn't just childhood trauma. It went well beyond that! I realised a while ago that I rejected all the dark Goddesses. And so the last few months has been welcoming back all dark goddesses: Hekate, Morghana, Sekhmet, Lilith... Lifetimes and I mean lifetimes. All the way to the beginning. I, my ancestral feminine, the Divine Mother, the Universal Womb, was descendant from what was portrayed as evil. Because she didn't want to be submissive. She rebelled against being controlled. She wanted to be her own. Because she was powerful and it frightened them. Her ability to see in darkness and shining light on the rotten and toxic. It frightened them. The patriarchy. So they shamed her. Called her dark, evil, crazy. Her ability to work with magic, to manipulate energy, work with dead made her powerful. And they feared her power. They feared what they couldn't control so they cast her out. Her owning and respecting her femininity and feminine powers within made her ever so powerful. The Divine Feminine has this commanding aura around her. RESPECT. HONESTY. LOYALTY. FREEDOM. That's what she demands. Men didn't like not feeling in control so they called her WHORE! From a sacred prostitute, the High Priestess of the Isis Temple to a whore and they defiled her Divinity. They poisoned our wombs, the centres of creative force within, with shame and guilt, with force, rape, control, projections, opinions! Our Sacral Chakra is very much connected with sexuality, but it's also a centre of our creative powers and self expression. So the Divine Feminine might've been in hiding for generations, but it's time for her to rise again. To reclaim her powers. And she'll make herself known. Not by revenge, not by backlash or by taking back what was hers by force. She's a benevolent one. She's loving, caring, intuitive, but don't confuse her kindness for weakness. She's ready to ROAR when her boundaries are not respected. When she senses you want to control her. She'll make herself known by demanding respect by her sheer presence. Her wisdom, her ability too see beyond the veil.

I was afraid. I was afraid to welcome all the dark Goddesses back. I was afraid to be shamed and cast out, to be called crazy, evil. SO I GAVE MY POWER AWAY. I realised that's what they wanted me to think, believe. To keep me silenced so they can stay in control. No more! My own personal spiritual experience has taken me on the journey of reclaiming, healing and awakening of my Divine Feminine within me and honouring my femininity and weaving the magic of sacred rituals into my life. Invoking. Embracing. And the more & more I opened to the dialogue the more I remembered my Divinity. And the more I remembered who I truly was, the more I realised how amazing and powerful I was. What an amazing experience it is to be alive woke and conscious of my own power and magic. No more playing small to please others.

Back in November 2021 around the New Moon in Scorpio I was guided to journey back to the place of the masculine who I believe was a catalyst for my awakening. I was guided to retrieve a part of me I left with him. I walked away from the connection almost 2 years ago ( I wrote about it in "The snake will always bite back" ), but I have left a part of me. An essence. An energetic imprint. In one of my journeyings while we were still in contact I saw us dance, merging in and out of our own and each other's bodies. Both wearing wolf skins. Alfa male & alpha female. In November, I quantum travelled back to his place to retrieve those wolf skins. Mine to retrieve that part of me that was compromised, but also his. He didn't deserve to be my Alpha Wolf Male. He was supposed to protect his Alpha Female, but instead he took advantage of her. So I retrieved what was authentically mine. And almost 6 months to a day, around Full Moon in Scorpio my new gorgeous grey, faux fur "she wolf' coat arrived. A confirmation from Spirit I have completed another lesson, I've aligned with and integrated new vibration. Here's to walking to the beat of my own drum. She-wolf is a woman who knows what she wants and is free of prejudice and preconceived notions. She's independent and doesn't rely on people for her happiness. She defends her deepest desires with teeth and claws like a wild animal. The wild within stirring in me for months finally being unleashed. I answer to no one. I am my own. I am sovereign. I welcome all the Goddesses back. The light and the dark. I AM THE POWER OF ALL MY INCARNATIONS.

"The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman's love without the intention of loving her." ~ Bob Marley

While I was working with all the Gods and Goddesses I was guided to research Kabbalah. I was called by the Tree of Life before, but never took full interest in its origin. Incredibly an amazing documentary showed up on my YouTube and I was in awe. I binge watched the entire 16 part series "Kabbalah Revealed" over one weekend only to realise my whole entire journey has been a clear progression and integration of the principles talked about in Kabbalah. What I came to realise on my journey was exactly the teachings of Kabbalah! How on earth could I have known all that?!?! The Creator existing as the pure source energy, formless. He then created the creature. Divine Masculine and Divine feminine, the vessels for the Divine Light to pour through. This journey is about realisation of the divinity within everything and everyone and correction of the ego and coming back to the heart instead. Unconditional altruism, the disinterested and selfless concern for the wellbeing of others. How can I be of service? What can I do today to contribute to the humanity? It's not about serving your own needs, not about the accolades, but genuine interest to make this world a better place. Loving your friend as yourself. The problem is people carry too much trauma, have zero or not much self love for themselves. We can only love others as much as we can love ourselves. We've lost touch with our divine lineage. We've descended through time and space into this, dense 3D world we now live in. Our egos and desires own us! Each to serve their own needs. The change starts with self-love and self value, the feeling of worthiness and deserving to be the vessel for the Divine light to express through us. With correcting our ego and healing and living a heart centred life and reclaiming one's divinity. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience. We are the expression of the Creator. Ego is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just simply trying to protect us, but it's not a good thing when it's rooted in fear. The thing is to unlearn everything that you're not and from that place of purity become truly rooted in the healed self and become the vessel for the Source light to pour through. And let your cup "runneth over" and spill onto others. I was in awe of all the downloads I was receiving.

Few days later I was guided to watch a documentary on Dogon tribe in West Africa. More information confirming my intuitive hits. I've always had a strong connection with Orion's Belt and Sirius and Lion's Gate. It is during Lion's gate that the veil is very thin and the downloads come in very fast. It's time of enlightenment. I have always been drawn to the stars and space and was getting a clear message that I need to look towards "three stars". The documentary was very interesting as it was talking about how the Dogon tribe believe and documented that Sirius is most likely not binary star system, but there might be a 3rd star, Sirius C. How on earth that tribe could possess all that knowledge that's only just being researched properly now and they knew about it for centuries! The tribe also talk about visitors from Sirius, a highly evolved race. The documentary went even more interesting when the man started talking about Greek and Roman Gods and how there was speculation the Gods we talk about in different mythologies might've been from different star systems and that most likely they were Mer/ Fish/ water beings. I've always had a very strong connection with water, dolphins, Mer people. The memories of my life as a Mermaid in Atlantis pretty clear now. I also have known for a very long time now I'm a starseed, but I could never really tell which star race I was from. Until now. With all the synchronicities happening in my life I was called to look into Lyran star seeds. Apparently Lyrans seeded Sirius and other Galaxies and helped seed Lemuria and Atlantis and they gave humanity the gift of fire!! I knew Sirius was calling me. One morning I was guided to meditate to connect with the Lion Star Race and the Blue Lodge Masters ( SIRIUS!!!). I lit a blue wish candle to help invoke their presence. It was super intense! When I did my meditation that morning I was greeted by the blue/ white crystalline beings that contacted me in my dream a while back. I wrote about it in "Homecoming". I literally was taken to that dream. They beckoned me and I followed. I entered what seemed like a space craft. It was so light, bright. Almost blinding. I lied down on a bed like platform. All pristine white. They proceeded to do some healing and DNA upgrades on me. They also looked like the same galactic council that joined me when I did a distant healing session for my dear friend. All these downloads were so profound I almost felt overwhelmed by all the information. Who am I??

Back in November around New moon in Scorpio, I was guided to meditate again. Scorpio brings with it a lot of deep transformative energy. It's only been a couple of months after my whole world got turned upside down. I walked away from everything I was not and was in search of my truth. Who I truly was. My core essence. As I surrendered to the meditative state I was greeted by an Aboriginal Elder. She knew very well who I was. I started feeling pressure down in my bottom and found myself lying on my back with my legs in stirrups. I felt the need to suddenly push. I was totally surprised by where this was going. The Aboriginal Elder grabbed my hand and said: " It's going to be tough, but you're going to be ok. You're made for this and your soul wants this. Be bold." And then with one big push I felt release and explosion of fireworks like energy. I didn't quite understand what that all meant, but I knew that I have just energetically birthed something magnificent. Because it happened around the New Moon I was excited to see what this would manifest into by around 6 months. Six months almost to a day and a couple of days after the Lion Race Meditation I found myself in my bell tent again. Guided to connect with and invoke Sekhmet, Goddess of the Sun. A powerful Lioness Goddess of war and protectress to her father Sun God Ra. She was associated both with disease and healing. Once again my intuition leading me towards the Empire of the Sun, my lineage. I lit a blue wish candle again and opened to receive the Source energy. I saw myself holding what looked like a newborn. I thought it was maybe from my other meditation with the Aboriginal Elder. Then thought the baby looked more like a near term foetus. It had a weird, bluish colour. I found myself in this underground cave. There was a water pool with blue crystalline water. The room was very dark, but that water in that water hole illuminated. I thought I'm meant to baptise/ cleanse that baby, but something was off. We did submerge once or twice. Then Sekhmet appeared. She opened a channel, a portal of white light that would take us up to Sirius. I wanted to take the baby with me, but she didn't want me to. The baby was gone. It had to stay behind... We transported to Sirius where we were greeted by the Galactic Council and where I received more healing. Tall, blue robed beings. Darkness of the Space around us, but us standing on a beautiful blue platform under a dome of protective energetic field. They kept repeating "fire". "You are the fire". Then Sekhmet approached me. She activated my heart, third eye, hands and feet. She gave me a symbol, to solidify this transmission. She gave me a seed! A small, brown unassuming seed. For a split second I was confused and then it came to me. She placed that seed in my womb. I was seeded! "9 months" I heard few times. When Sekhmet placed that seed in my womb I felt that energetically! That moment of "conception", magic of creation. I returned back to the cave. I offered the foetus to the blue water pool. It's little body turned to blue butterflies. Like the butterflies in the crown I made to invoke Berehynia.

Invoking Lilith was the last ritual I did before the last Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. I have worked with Lilith before and have researched my birth chart placements and then the other day her presence was very clear. It was time I embraced her essence. Lilith represents our deepest, darkest desires. I sat in quiet meditation in the morning and pulled her card from my Dark Moon Oracle Deck. Her card number 12 in perfect synchronicity with her exact 12°21' placement in my birth chart! I opened my journal and as I called her to come be with me I drew her sigil. The very moment I finished I heard a knock on the door which was an unexpected, but very welcome delivery. My new writing stationery arrived along with my new, 7th journal. Number 7 being Lilith's sacred number! I created an altar that morning. I lit another golden wish candle to invoke Lilith's presence and placed a rune I made. A crescent moon on top of a cross. Her symbol. I also lit black and red pillar candles her favourite and made an offering of menstrual blood for her. Every month I use a moon cup and make an offering from the blood I collect to Mother Earth and I also have a little bottle of dried up menstrual blood I keep for special rituals. Blood is an extremely powerful ingredient in divination. I offered Lilith a garnet bracelet, one of her favourite crystals and then with the rehydrated menstrual blood and a drop of fresh blood I again drew her sigil on a wooden disk and made an offering. I let the candles and jasmine incense burn all day. The aura around the candles was incredible. The journeying I did with Sekhmet a few days before, the seed she placed in my womb, garnet, menstrual blood... All connecting with my sacral chakra. Centre of our creativity and self expression. 

A couple of days after the Lilith invocation I tested positive to Covid. I avoided it for over 2 years and it was finally the time. I had a very high temperature for around 18hrs and a huge headache and some nausea. My theory is that my Covid + was actually an energetic upgrade to wherever I was ready. My crown, my third eye, my solar plexus as well as my sacral after on top of Covid starting the heaviest of moon cycles ever! I recovered really well, but I slept a lot that week. Integrating all the energetic upgrades I received. As I rested I binge watched the entire Pirates of the Caribbean which weirdly aligned with the New Moon/ Full Moon manifestation and the journeying I did that I wrote about in "The Anchor" where I was releasing heavy energetic anchors of a sunken ship that were holding me down. I can't believe I never really fully watched it before. Weirdly resembling my journey of reclaiming my personal power. From beautiful powerful Pirate and Navy ships I've seen in my journeyings, to another powerful dark Goddess Calypso, to Mermaids, to all the brutal hangings and sentencing, to Orion's Belt and Sirius and Blood Moon* that we were just about to experience, too! ( *Total lunar Blood Moon Eclipse in Scorpio). I'd lie, if I told you I understand all the experiences I go through. Life and the way everything's been unfolding so far is a "Sirius" mystery, but I know how these experiences make me feel. How utterly whole I feel. I know where I've been and how far I've come. And I have faith, I have this knowing there is a Divine plan for all this and I surrender to the journey with even more grace and humility.

I know my truth. I walk to the beat of my own drum. I'm truly happy in the light I'm in. Not many understand my journey and it's ok. It's not their job to make sense of it. It's mine. The paradox with my journey is that it took me from a person who gave away her power, then tried to control the feeling of safety in the world by making herself needed to a person fully surrendering the control to the Universe. Living from a place of surrender. And FAITH. That's empowerment! By surrendering to the journey and letting go of the need to control and by giving, growing, expanding and sharing my light, being unapologetically me I reclaimed my power. My right to be FREE.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." ~ Albert Camus

No one is out there to save you. You've got to save yourself. Find your core truth. Follow your own light. You can lie to others and put masks on all day long, but you can't lie to yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and admit it. Admit your fears. Face your shadows. Look where you struggle to shine most and that's exactly where the treasure within you lies. Untether yourself from pain and trauma, opinions and expectations of other. Expand beyond your 3D self. You are enough. Be your own therapist. See where ego might be guiding you and come back to the heart instead. Be magnificent.

I'm not sure when and if I'll write here again as a blog. There is so much to tell you. I've only just briefly touched on my thoughts and experiences here the last few months. I've always known I'm going to write a book one day. Maybe it's time to start on the first chapter...

Sending so much love your way. From my heart to yours. Marta x

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