Universal Womb

This post was originally published on my Wordpress on the 5th of February, 2023. 

An entry from my journal. Just before I made an offer on the block of land… 

29th July 2022 New Moon in Leo

“This block is meant to be time of reconnecting and embodying Gaia. It’s a sacred, magical place and I decided it will be dedicated to Gaia.

I lit a green wish candle. Here’s to new beginnings. To creating a sacred place. A place where we can heal our wombs. For our highest good and for the highest good of all. Mother Gaia, I call you. Please be with me. Thank you. “ 

I have not felt this held before and when I’m at the block it’s like I’m in some kind of magical cocoon. In mother’s womb. Mother Earth. The whole process with the block was beautifully aligned with the journeying I did in April when I received a tiny seed from my guides that was placed in my womb. And just like my guides told me “9 months” we are standing here nine months almost to the date on this beautiful Full Moon in Leo. The magick of creation. 💫

This is how I originally imagined my tribute to GAIA. Embodying her essence. Honouring my cycles, my connection with the Spirit world, grounded, heart space wide open. 

I intuitively picked Bells of Ireland for the crown only to find out that it enhances communication with nature spirits so that you feel a greater sense of connection to nature and the magic of the fairy realm. How magickal. 💫

I love where I am right now. My connection with the nature and animal spirit world. So tapped in. So aligned. I work with energy not against it. ⚡️

In the future I hope to open the gates to this place so you too can feel held. And to help you nurture your connection to Spirit world with sound healing, energy workshops, Moon energy workshops and simply surrounding yourself with the magick of this place.

But for now I will keep on focusing on my own journey, my own energy, tending to my own garden. After all, best thing I can give to humanity is the best version of myself. 🌱💚

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