The Queendom

I was walking the other morning, admiring all the yellow lushness of the wattle blossom everywhere. Have you noticed how much yellow there is especially this time of the year? Precipice of Spring. The promise of more light, new beginnings, reinvention and growth. Yellow very much connected with solar plexus chakra, just above your belly button. Our centre of personal power, self worth and self confidence, courage, strength. It’s like Mother Nature giving us a nudge, giving us encouragement to get out of our hibernation, to wake us up and have the courage to go for our dreams.

We are cyclical beings. It doesn’t matter how old you are. We go though seasons constantly and each cycle takes different amount of time for everyone. Which part of your life might be in winter season? Is it time to come out of hibernation yet?
I’m working on the new project at the moment, a reflection of my inner world. Spring season of my life. Oh the promise of new beginnings and growth. Part of it is a crown and for a couple of months I knew it had to be yellow.
If you too are at the Spring season of your life, give your solar plexus spring clean, a boost. Surround yourself with yellow, sound healing is an amazing tool, some yoga poses can help open up this chakra, too. Consume yellow (ginger and turmeric are excellent). Then fill it with all the golden yumminess from the Universe, that Mother Nature provides. You don’t need to know how to do it. Just give permission & be open to receive. Draw into your solar plexus, just above the belly button, all the colour yellow from the plant kingdom, light from the Sun & see an orb of light spinning beautifully around your solar plexus chakra. Let it take what it needs and then if you wish move the energy & fill your whole entire body with this light, every cell, every organ, your DNA. You may even wish to use I CAN affirmations.
You have life and you have freedom and
you have the ability to build
the thing that you've always wanted.
Dream big.

It was my birthday last month and we celebrated it at the block in a truly royal style with a red velvet cake, my throne and the crown. Such a profound moment for me. All been leading to this crown. To this throne. To this place… Although it wasn’t really a moment. It took some real deep diving deep into my psyche in order to heal. It took a period of recovery in order to let go of what was not authentically mine. And with a lot of inner work, freeing my mind from old outdated believes, old ancestral patterns, from projections and opinions of others. To reclaim my mind. To make my inner world my own. This place represents my inner world. The Queendom I made on my own. No guides, no gurus, no teachers. Just drawing on my soul’s wisdom and listening with my heart. We always have all the tools needed. And now I get to decide what makes me ME and what seeds to sow next, what foundations to build, what paths to create, areas in my psyche to explore.

Aligning mentally, physically and spiritually with the energy of the Queen of Wands in tarot. So much symbolism and so much meaning in both the crown and the throne. Fully immersing myself in the creative process helps me to embody the energy I want to attract into my reality. It’s not what you want that you attract, but what you believe. You have to be it to manifest it ♥️

From my heart to yours. Marta Xx

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