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Before the session, we will have a little chat to get to know each other and to get used to each other's energy. Then, I will check my client's chakras to find out, if there are any energy blockages.

I am a qualified Reiki practitioner, but what I offer is a holistic approach. It's a unique form of quantum healing


Quantum healing ( also known as quantum therapy). By combining ideas from mind-body medicine with quantum physics, meditation, and Eastern medicine, it purports that you can heal your body, mind, and spirit by shifting energy at a quantum (or subatomic) level. You'll often hear of quantum healing practitioners talk about using your own body’s "life force" to heal you from within. "Life force" is similar to the Chinese idea of "chi" or the Indian idea of "prana."

I've been guided to follow where I can use all of my spiritual gifts and where I'm not limited to Reiki only. I go as deep as astral plains and channel the "universal energy" in different dimensions. What I offer is healing done by shifting energy at a quantum (energetic) level.

One common way for me is through an in-person session in which I connect with client's so-called Higher Self, subconscious, past lives, and more. It can also be done via distance means. A written report is provided after in person session and may be both written and video if guided after distance healing session. In person sessions will be held in our bell tent healing space. Distant healing is conducted via different locations and takes minimum an hour. 

I am an intuitive practitioner. During the healing sessions I travel to other realms and connect with my client’s higher self. I get visions, sensations in my body, different emotions, direct or indirect messages from the other realms, spirit. I channel the pure universal energy to wherever I can sense pain and / or trauma and gently shift the energy at a quantum ( subatomic) level which then facilitates the healing of mind, body & spirit.  


I'm an empath, an energy healer, a spirit medium and lightworker. A woman who runs with the wolves. I was born with a lot of spiritual gifts, but have rejected them after some traumatic events in my childhood. I was too afraid of my own powers, of things I could do, hear, see and feel. I was always aware of my gifts, but never wanted to fully tap into them. Until around the age of 40 when I have gone through a pretty profound and painful experience that has resulted in the dark night of the soul and a rebirth. Healing myself at a quantum level of childhood and ancestral trauma and strengthening of my spiritual gifts followed. My own personal spiritual experience has taken me on the journey of reclaiming, healing and awakening of my divine feminine within me and honouring my femininity and weaving the magic of sacred rituals into my life. Having previously rejected I now fully embrace my spiritual gifts and my ability to connect to higher realms. My own spiritual journey has brought the recollection of having walked this Earth many many times before and practicing different modalities of healing. "Healer magician" is what I heard on one of my journeying into other realms experiences.

I'm into shamanism. I practice a lot of journeying into other, higher realms. I'm into occult and astrology. I work with energy. I follow moon cycles and I'm into moon magic and practice a lot of rituals. I also love candle magic. I work with crystals, I read tarot and oracle cards. I'm very intuitive and have clairvoyant abilities. 

I'm an empath, but not just in the simple term. I'm a spiritual, animal and relationship empath. I feel others emotions and can take them on as my own. I feel every bit of energy in the air. I work with universal energy. I don't do "voodoo" dolls or black magic, never "manipulate" others' free will. I "manipulate" energy to protect my energy field, to heal at a quantum ( subatomic) level and send the low vibe energies back to the source with an extra sprinkle of love and light...
I am an energy healer and practice quantum healing on my friends, loved ones and my animals on daily basis.

If you think you'd benefit from receiving energy healing do reach out to arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation. And when you’re ready we will go as deep as needed. I guide and provide my energy. You ( your body, mind, soul) do the work. You dive deep and I'm there to catch you. So, are you ready to dive deep with me? Do reach out on:

Love & light.
Marta x


"I'm feeling so much better since our sessions! I feel more aware of my emotions and reasons why I'm feeling that way. I believe you have definitely found your calling, your intuitive healing is like no other I've received. I've been telling friends how amazing you and your healing is. I look forward to our next catch up." - Jayne